Video Review of the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector

As you might imagine, the Hytech Lawyer is a sucker for gadgets of all kinds, especially those that are incredibly mobile and have the potential for practical use by lawyers. The Brookstone HDMI pocket projector ($299.99 Brookstone Site) is just such a device.    I fell under its siren song when I was passing by a demonstration being conducted by a Brookstone salesman in the Atlanta airport.   This little pocket sized projector was clearly generating images of HD quality.  Myself and two other observers each bought one of these little gems on the spot.  It has a battery life of approximately 2 hours and is rechargeable by use of the included AC adapter. The optional accessory kit costs $29, and contains a very neat telescopic antenna tripod system.

I have already used the projector for a KeyNote presentation in a client meeting and it was perfectly adequate for the job– more impressively, the presentation was run off of an iPhone 4S. The key is that you need a fairly dark room because while the unit’s DLP LED lamps  are rated at 85 lumens (est. life of 20,000 hours) and allow for a 60 inch HD quality picture in a dimly lit space, like Dracula, they are no match for bright light.  Note that the only input option is HDMI and that to use it with an iPhone or iPad you will need to purchase the HDMI adapter available from Apple—of course any true hytech lawyer needs one of these adapters anyway. The projector is also equipped with a small internal speaker that has a reasonable output.  However, if you are using the projector to view a movie, powered external speakers are recommended and can be plugged into the projector’s mini plug jack.

I intend to use this projector for one-on one-deposition preparation meetings to project documents, small audience KeyNote presentations, and to project entertainment media from my iphone. RECOMMENDED.


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