Hytech Lawyer to Publish Trial Lawyer’s Guide to the iPad– What Should Be Included?

Happy 2013!

The hytech lawyer crew is putting the finishing touches on an iPad guidebook for trial lawyers to be published as an e-book available from Apple.  The book will have video demonstrations throughout and will be long on practical advice  based on my 20+ years as a trial lawyer and over two years of using the iPad in my litigation practice.  Some of the topics include:

  • The hytech lawyer’s guide to practical iPad applications for lawyers
  • Using the iPad for witness prep– stop lugging aound those bankers boxes
  • The magic of Keynote for presentations
  • Innovative uses of the iPad in Depositions
  • Using Trialpad effectively at mediations, hearings and trials
  • Managing documents and files on the iPad
  • Recommended iPad accessories
  • Security
  • “Secrets” of the iPad

Are there other areas you would like to see covered in the Guidebook?  Do you have questions we might be able to answer?  Do you have some good lawyer related iPad “war stories” that you would like to share?  Our goal is for the book to go to editing on January 7, 2013, so we may still be able to squeeze in a little more this week.  I look forward to hearing from you.  As a teaser, follow this link to our rough cut Keynote slide presentation that was put together in less than an hour using only the iPad and some prior prepared media (there are some special effects toward the end).  The Guide will explain step by step how to produce compelling presentations on the iPad (I agree this one is over the top).

Best regards,

Bill Latham aka “The hytech lawyer”


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