New SpiderOak Hive Works Like Dropbox and is a Better Ethical Choice for Lawyers

Lawyers have an ethical obligation to take reasonable steps to protect their clients’ confidential information.   This has become a significant challenge in light of daily revelations of data breaches and cyber attacks by individuals and criminal rings, hacking by foreign … Continue reading

Avoid Legal Malpractice— How to Select a Reasonably Secure Password

Recently, several highly publicized security breaches resulted in the theft of password databases containing from tens of thousands to millions of passwords. Some of these password collections have been publicly disclosed and they provide a wealth of insight into the … Continue reading

Lawyer Ethics- Is Your Head in the Cloud?– The Ethical Implications of Using Dropbox and Other Cloud Services

Executive Summary:  Before an attorney uses cloud based services to transfer, store or process confidential client information, the attorney must exercise reasonable care to ensure that the cloud service provider will handle the information so as to comply with the attorney’s ethical … Continue reading

The Hytech Lawyer Recommends Thirty-One Great Apps for Lawyers – Early Summer 2012

Some are old, some are new, but they have all made the Hytech Lawyer’s current recommended list of best iPad apps for Lawyers. 1.    Goodreader  ($4.99 App Store) One of the best selling non-Apple apps for iPad in 2011.  This … Continue reading