The Hytech Lawyer’s Policy on Product and Software Reviews

Increasingly, I am being provided complementary copies of software, applications or products with the expectation that I will review them on this blog. Indeed, one of the primary objectives of the blog is to highlight practice technology that works. So here are the rules. My general goal is to write positive reviews. In practice, this means that I actually write … Read More

More Cautions for Lawyers Using Dropbox

The technology publication CRN reports that Dropbox executives have acknowledged to it that  Dropbox for Teams cloud storage service does not meet the requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Sarbanes-Oxley law. See This latest Dropbox product offering is touted as a business grade version of the popular consumer Dropbox offering. The … Read More

A Basic Discussion of Predictive Coding for Lawyers

As a litigation partner in a AmLaw 200 law firm, I have mixed emotions about the latest e-discovery rage—predictive coding.  On the one hand, it has the potential to use technology to overcome and make manageable another product of technology– exponentially expanding quantities of e-discovery.  On the other hand, at this stage in the game, predictive coding has not won … Read More

Review of “Explain Everything”—Great iPad Presentation App for Lawyers

Originally designed for educators, “Explain Everything” is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can also use Explain Everything as an interactive whiteboard using the iPad2 video display. Explain Everything records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement and captures audio via the iPad microphone. Import Photos, PDF, PPT, and Keynote from Dropbox, Evernote, … Read More

Is the iPad a Fit for Your Law Practice?

The link below is to a comprehensive article exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the iPad for use by accountants.   The observations are equally applicable for lawyers assessing whether the iPad is an appropriate tool for their practice.  If you are on the fence about making the iPad one of your practice tools- this article is for you. … Read More

Are Windows Based Tablets the Future for Lawyers?

A demo version of  Windows 8 has been unveiled and is a potentially potent post post PC challenger  (say that 5 times fast :)) to Apple OS system devices– never mind that the public has not seen the hardware side of the equation needed to run this innovative software.   Nevertheless, I commend to you the following post by  Zach … Read More

TrialPad, Exhibit A, and RLTC Evidence– A Comparison of Lawyer Trial Presentation Applications for iPad

Currently, there are three trial presentation iPad applications available at the App Store:  TrialPad ($89.00), Exhibit A ($9.99) and RLTC Evidence ($4.99).  I have tested each of them, and offer the following general observations: (1)  All of these applications offer rather rudimentary trial presentation capabilities—far less capable than expensive and robust trial presentation software such a Trial Director or Sanction. … Read More

Dropbox’s Revised Terms of Service: Are They Now Sufficient to Meet Lawyer Ethical Obligations?

In a number of previous posts,  I have written critically about Dropbox security issues and opined that the Dropbox Terms of Service (“TOS”) did not meet the minimum professional ethics requirements for the reasonable protection of confidential client communications.   Now that the Dropbox has revised its TOS , a fresh look is warranted, especially given the popularity of this service … Read More

iPad Lawyer Tools: New Handwriting to Text Application for iPad Shows Promise

I have been waiting for an iPad handwriting to type conversion application that could reliably convert my chicken scratch into typed text suitable for sharing.  My patience has been rewarded– sort of. 7Notes Premium HD ($ 8.99 App Store) does a pretty good job of converting handwriting to type. In fact, I drafted this entire blog entry in handwriting using … Read More

Effective Use of Skype in ADR Presentations– The Virtual Expert

This week I had another opportunity to use Skype in a quasi judicial forum.   One of my partners and I represented a major corporation in an appearance before the National Advertising Division (“NAD”) of the Better Business Bureau.   The NAD is a voluntary dispute adjudication forum where national advertisers can voluntarily take disputes alleging unfair or deceptive advertising by competitors.  The … Read More