OneNote Application for iPad Falls Short of Expectations

I have been using the PC version of Microsoft’s OneNote in my law practice for the past five years.  OneNote is a versatile virtual notebook that has allowed me to organize my case files and to minimize the amount of paper that I need to carry as a travel the country in my national litigation practice. See   Since I began using the iPad, I have been using the Application MobileNoter to sync my PC OneNote notebooks to the iPad.  MobileNoter will accept embedded files (PDFs, Word documents,  Spreadsheets, video files, etc.) and allow some minimal editing on existing notes, but will not allow the creation of new notes or notebooks.  MobileNoter also allows you to take handwritten notes on existing notebook pages, but you cannot add new pages.

Given the limitations of MobileNoter, I have eagerly awaited the release of the Microsoft OneNote Application.   Now that it is out, I am sorry to say that the application is a disappointment.  I have tested the free version which is limited to 500 notes.  My first issue is that the embedded files do not sync over to the iPad—this drastically limits the usefulness of the App for me.  Also, you cannot create new notebooks but can only add pages to existing notebooks.  Finally, there is no ability to take handwritten notes.

On the positive side, the ability to add new pages is one advantage the OneNote App has over MobileNoter.  Also, the Windows Live sync function seems to work well, although the test was not very strenuous since my extensive embedded files did not sync.  You can also add pictures from your iPad camera roll to existing iPad notebook pages—and they sync over.  This demonstrates that Microsoft could add the embedded file functionality to this application.

When they update this version, Microsoft needs to add at a minimum (1) the ability to add new notebooks, (2) the ability to sync embedded files, and (3) the ability to take handwritten notes on the iPad and sync the notes back to the PC.  Come on Microsoft—you can do better.


Advice for Lawyers New to the iPad

Millions of new iPads were given as gifts this holiday season and no doubt a bunch of them went to lawyers who have never used an Apple product before.  This is the one year anniversary of “”  Over the past 12 months, we have dispensed much advice and ventured many opinions related to the iPad, some of which may actually be useful to a newly armed iPad lawyer.  Here are a few to get you started:

As always, your questions and comments are welcomed.  Have fun!

Bill Latham a/k/a The Hytech Lawyer


New Pacer App Highly Recommended for Lawyers

Finally– an application that allows you to easily navigate the Federal Court Pacer system on your iPad.   The App is FedCtRecords and is available for free (Reg. 19.99) for a limited time at the App store.   The application allows you to select the court you are interested in from a menu.  All you need is your Pacer ID and either the case name or civil action number.  You can pull up all general Pacer information and filed documents.  Documents can be viewed and emailed from the Application.  This App is easy to use and well designed.

This Application is highly recommended and will be added to our Top Applications list.

Ethical Considerations for Lawyers Using Wireless Devices

This Article from examines a California ethics opinion on the efforts that lawyers should take to ensure the security of confidential information when using wireless devices.  Nothing particularly new in the article, but good for basic review.





A Lesson from the Life of Steve Jobs

Tonight I attended a wonderful presentation by Walter Isaacson, author of the best selling biography of Steve Jobs.  The talk was sponsored by University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business, The Liberty Fellowship and Wells Fargo Bank.

Mr. Isaacson is famous in his own right.  Currently president of the non-profit Aspen Institute, Mr. Isaacson was formerly the managing editor of Time magazine and Chairman and CEO of CNN.  The Harvard educated, Rhodes Scholar, has also authored acclaimed biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Kissinger, among others.

My “take away” from talk was that Steve Jobs had an artistic vision and was very controlling in his desire to achieve it—and because his vision was an excellent one, Apple products have been a great success.  Thus, Jobs’ choice of the notoriously independent Isaacson as his official biographer, might be considered by some as an indication that Jobs had matured to the point that he was willing to cede control of the very book that would portray him to future generations– in essence the official record of his legacy.

On the other hand, a cynic might say that Jobs has methodically laid claim to a spot among the great American historical figures by having his story told by a biographer whose previous subjects have been among the most influential Americans of all time– i.e., Jobs is among the greatest of Americans by association.

In any case, I remain a Jobs fan. Isaacson had unparalleled access, and the stories he told in his talk have only whet my appetite for more. Given that fact, I am saving the book for my holiday reading, because I know there will be no putting it down.

Wireless Lawyer Presentations Using iPad 2 and Apple TV

One device we recommend for consideration for the hytech lawyer on your gift list is Apple TV ($99 Hytech Lawyer Store).  For the lawyer making a presentation, this device allows for wireless transmission of content from the iPad 2 to a HDMI monitor or Projector.    The Apple TV device is connected by HDMI cable  (not included) to an HDTV monitor or to an LCD Projector with a HDMI input.  The link between the iPad2 and the Apple TV device is WIFI  (so obviously the room will need to have good WIFI access).  This setup enables the presenter with an iPad2 to wonder the room while presenting anything on the iPad2 to the audience.  This will also work with those applications on the iPad1 that allow video output, e.g., Keynote, Trial Pad, Exhibit View, Exhbit A, Good Reader and Explain Everything.

The Apple TV device is small and elegant as is typical of Apple design. It is also inexpensive with a price of about $99. It is available from Apple,, Best Buy, etc.   The device has an output for an HDMI cable and an input for direct internet wired connection if desired.

While the presentation capabilities of Apple TV are one professional use lawyers might consider, the device’s true calling is to allow the streaming of TV shows and movies from iTunes, NetFlix, and media on your iPad, or other IOS device.  Set-up is easy and the interface is easy to use, as is the included remote control.  You can get more information at:

Which iPad Model is the Best Gift Choice for Lawyers?


For most lawyers we recommend the 32GB WIFI only model.  Typical price $599.00


One of the first decisions to face those shopping for an iPad for their favorite lawyer is which model to purchase.  There are two general varieties of iPad2, either WIFI only or WIFI/3G.  For each of these two varieties there are three memory choices 16G, 32 GB or 64 GB, There are also two color choices, white or black.


Without internet access the iPad is rendered only slightly more useful than a brick paper weight. If your lawyer will most frequently use the iPad where free internet access is readily available (e.g., home wireless network, office network, client offices, airports) then the WIFI only option is probably the best choice.  This is also a good option, if your lawyer’s smartphone has the capability of serving as a mobile WIFI hot spot.  Most recent iPhones, android phones and Blackberrys have this capability.  Mobile hotspot capability usually costs about $20 more per month for 2GB of data).  You also have the option of
purchasing a mobile WIFI card from any of the major carriers.  These devices are very versatile allowing internet access for up to 5 WIFI devices.  Recently, these have been advertised as free or near free with a 2 year contract. Monthly plans range in the $20-30 range.

The other option is to purchase a model with wireless 3G built in.  You pay a monthly fee for internet access which usually ranges in price from $20-40 per month).  In addition, the 3G models cost about $100 more than the WIFI only version.  This is definitely the most convenient option, but is also the least flexible and most expensive choice.  One consideration is that only the 3G versions have GPS capability, although the WIFI only version can pinpoint your location fairly accurately by fixing on your router location.

BOTTOM LINE:  Unless you know that your Lawyer wants the 3G version, we recommend a WI FI only Model.


The iPad2 memory options are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.  This may not seem like much compared to laptop memories, but you need to keep in mind that the iPad is designed to
function in conjunction with internet access.  In my opinion, the 32 GB model is the best choice for most lawyers.  This allows for the storage of thousands of pages of documents and a reasonable video, photo, application and music collection.  The 64GB option should be considered for the lawyer that has thousands of songs, photos or who desires to carry copies of many videos and movies with them.

BOTTOMLINE:  For most users we recommend the 32 GB Model, WIFI Only


Generally, Apple pricing is pretty much the same everywhere, although you can find some minor discounts at discounters and warehouse clubs.  For those on a tight budget, refurbished iPad1 models may  be available in limited quantities for a substantial discount at

iPad2 16GB $499 $599
iPad2 32GB $599 $699
iPad2 64GB $699 $799
iPad1* 16GB $199 $299
iPad1* 32/64GB $299 $399


*Refurbished iPad1 models may be available in limited quantities at  See–


If you have questions iPad or technology gift questions, post them as a reply and we will do our best to answer promptly.



The Holiday season is upon us.  We are frequently asked for gift recommendations
for the hytech lawyer.  In this first installment, we will offer 10 gift suggestions for the iPad toting lawyer in your life.

10.  Apple iTunes/App Store Gift Cards (Bestbuy-

Let them pick their own gift.  Buy that special lawyer an iTunes gift card that can be used to purchase Applications at the App store or other media from iTunes.

9.  Bamboo Stylus for Pad   ($29.00 Best Buy– $27.00

The Hytech Lawyer’s choice after testing a number of competative alternatives. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

8.  Apple VGA Adapter  ($ 29.00

Your hytech lawyer needs this dongle to make presentations using projectors or standard monitors.

Put your slides, movies, photos, and everything else that fills your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S screen on an even bigger screen — a VGA-equipped TV, monitor or external projector for video mirroring. The Apple VGA Adapter mirrors exactly what you see on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S so that everyone in the room can enjoy it.

The Apple VGA Adapter supports video out (only) for iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation).

7. Apple Digital AV Adapter  ( $39.00)

Your hytech lawyer needs this dongle to make presentations using HDMI TVs (think playing movies and videos on your Hi Def TV).

Put your slides, movies, photos, and everything else that fills your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S screen on an even bigger screen — your HDTV. The Apple Digital AV Adapter mirrors exactly what you see on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S so that everyone in the room can enjoy it on your widescreen TV, video projection screen, or other HDMI-compatible display. The Apple Digital AV Adapter also supports video out for iPad, iPhone 4, or iPod touch (4th generation).

6. Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 ($113.00

Excellent fold up keyboard for your big fingered lawyer who wants his/her iPad to replace a laptop.

5. Bose Speakers compatible with iPad   (89.00 Best Buy)

I own these speakers and love them.  Incredible Bose quality sound at a budget price.  Works great with iPad, MAC, PC and even iPods.

Product Features

•TruSpace® surround digital processing circuitry delivers a widened soundstage, adding spaciousness to your music;

•Magnetically shielded speakers can be placed next to a TV or monitor without causing interference;

•Dual audio inputs provide a quick and easy connection for 2 separate audio sources

•Volume control, headphone jack and second input are conveniently located on one of the speakers;

•Ported cabinet design extends the low-frequency response;

•Sleek looking speakers provide a distinctive look for your computer sound system;

•Active electronic equalization balances the output of thelow, mid and high frequencies for natural-sounding audio;

•Compression circuitry limits the high peaks, resulting in a decrease in distortion;

•Integrated system design matches amplifiers, equalizers and speakers for a more balanced tonal output; integrated signal processing delivers balanced audio at any volume.

4.  Zagg ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad 2 Carbon withSilver Keyboard ($95.00 Amazon)

Stylish iPad Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a protective


3.  Kingston Wi-Drive 16 GB Wireless Flash Storage for iOS Devices  ($69.00 Amazon,com)

Clever solution to provide extra storage and file transfer capability for your iPad.  This is a mini WIFI hot spot that allows you to transfer files to and from this device via iPad, Mac and PC, so long as each device is WIFI enabled.
2.   Refurbished iPad1 models ( 299.00 (16 GB), 399.00 (32 and 64 GB)


If you or your hytech lawyer have been holding out on purchasing an iPad, you wait has been rewarded.  Refurbished—like new first generation iPad are available from Apple foras little at $299.  You can get a 64 GB wifi version that originally sold for 699.00 for as little as $399.00.

  • Black (first generation). Originally Released April 2010 . 16, 32 or 64 GB flash drive capacity.
  • Wi-Fi , Bluetooth2.1 + EDR technology
  • 9.7-inch widescreen display, Multi-Touch screen
  • 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inch

1.  HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer (C310a)  ( $ 199.00)

I own this printer and have been very happy with it.  Designed for use on a WIFI network.  iPad compatible.  Has a neat email feature where you send any document for printing to a special email address and it prints on your printer, wherever it is and without regard to the device you are sending th email from.


AirPrint enabled.

This photo and document all-in-one delivers the versatility to print everything from documents, email and web pages to lab-quality photos. With copy and scan capabilities too, it’s perfect for home, school or work projects.

  • Print from the web and remotely with apps and HP ePrint
  • Print directly from iPhone and iPad with AirPrint
  • Wireless printing, copying and scanning—with one-button
    wireless setup
  • View, edit, print photos without a computer
  • Standalone copying without having to switch on the
  • ENERGY STAR qualified

AirPrint. Wireless printing from all your Apple devices. This printer is AirPrint enabled, so you can print wirelessly from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


The Hytechlawyer hopes this list of suggestions makes your holiday gift search easier.  We welcome your comments and/or suggestions for other great gift ideas.

Coming Soon—Gifts for the PC Lawyer.


The Hytech Lawyer’s Policy on Product and Software Reviews

Increasingly, I am being provided complementary copies of software, applications or products with the expectation that I will review them on this blog. Indeed, one of the primary objectives of the blog is to highlight practice technology that works. So here are the rules.

My general goal is to write positive reviews. In practice, this means that I actually write a review on less than half the products I examine. On occasion, I will compare and contrast categories of a product (i.e., note taking apps and trial presentation applications). In the comparison reviews somebody usually wins and somebody loses. When it comes to important issues like data security, the gloves are off.

Products that I would like to review are new tablets, net books, mini-laptops. While I am a fan of the iPad, I will give a fair break to any alternative, including Android or Windows OS devices. I am also interested in reviewing predictive coding technologies, new ediscovery tools, etc., and will be writing on these topics in the near term. As for the iPad, I review any enhancement accessories, cases, storage, external memory, etc. However, I do not review products that require jailbreaking. I also review phones, PC software,and practically anything else that can give a lawyer a practice advantage. I do not accept monetary consideration for endorsing any product unless that is disclosed in the review.

If you would like me to consider a review of your product, please contact me at for shipping instructions. Products submitted for review are not returned and become the property of

More Cautions for Lawyers Using Dropbox

The technology publication CRN reports that Dropbox executives have acknowledged to it that  Dropbox for Teams cloud storage service does not meet the requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Sarbanes-Oxley law.

This latest Dropbox product offering is touted as a business grade version of the popular consumer Dropbox offering.

The takeaway for Lawyers is that they should think twice about using Dropbox for the storage or transfer of medical records (HIPPA), financial information, or for that matter any confidential information whatsoever.