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  1. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for taking a look at our BlackTrack software. If you are interested we’d like to provide a complimentary copy of the full version of BlackTrack to let you compare decide if the added features are worth the one-time cost of $5.

    We’d also be very interested in having you take a look at our companion software for the PC called Time-Aid Similar to Chrometa that you are looking at, I think you’ll find that Time-Aid is a much more business minded system. It automatically logs all your PC activity, and can automatically include the data from BlackTrack, but its primary purpose it to use that logged activity to complete a timesheet.

    The automatic logging allows the user to get their timesheet done quickly and accurately and makes sure that you can bill for everything you worked, even if you are weeks late completing the timesheet. Like Chrometa it is also a great ‘in-your-face’ display of your personal productivity, however the focus of Time-Aid is all about business.

    If you are interested in taking a look, please let us know.

    • David:

      I am in the process of preparing a post on this category and would be glad to evaluate the $5 version of BlackTrack. I am also writing an evaluation of Chrometa (slowed a bit by current trial), and would be glad to consider a comparison review of Time-Aid. My office number is below.

      Bill Latham 803-255-9533