The Hytech Lawyer’s New Favorite IPad Stylus (and it’s cheap!)

Previously we have recommended Wacom’s Bamboo rubber tipped stylus ($30).  We still believe that it is the best choice among the rubber tipped models.  However, I was recently given a Zip Stylus Z-1, 2-in-1 stylus/pen  by one of my Firm’s marketing professionals.  We are considering the Z-1 as a marketing trinket.  To my surprise, I was quite impressed.  What makes this stylus different is that in addition to having a retractable ball point pen on one end, it has a fine metal mesh capacitive tip (think soft fabric instead of brillo pad) on the other.  The result is that compared to a rubber tipped stylus, the Zip Z-1 Stylus virtually glides across the screen with little resistance.  It is the most natural writing of the many stylus models I have tried,   The price?– only $9.95 (available at the Hytech Lawyer store a/k/a Amazon ).

The stylus itself is compact being just 4″ long and about 3/8″ side, but feels comfortable in the hand.  The ink cartridge is replaceable.   If a natural writing feel is important to you, then I recommend you give the Zip Z-1 a try.


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