Review of 7Notes HD Premium –Handwriting to Text on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire

[Note: 7Notes is available for Android and Kindle Fire, but only the  iPad and iPhone versions were tested for this review.]

For the past two years, I have been waiting for an App with the ability to accurately and practically convert handwriting to text.  We previously reviewed 7Notes HD Premium (“7notes”) ($8.99 iPad) when it was first introduced.

The  App has been updated multiple times and has evolved into a practical note-taking tool.  In fact, I wrote the first draft of this review by hand using the App on an iPad2 [I used my favorite Bamboo brand stylus].  My handwriting is horrific, yet 7Notes converted almost every word correctly.  It does this by using a predictive language engine, which while generally accurate, struggles with proper names.


You have the option of having your text converted as you write, making corrections along the way, or converting to text later. In our testing, the text conversion was much more accurate in the “convert as you go” mode as compared to using the “convert later” feature.

7Notes allows for the exporting of documents by Email, DropBox (under the print function) or direct upload to Twitter or Facebook.  Right now the export is in text, image, or PDF  file formats,  but the developer is reportedly working on an export to Word feature that could be quite useful.  The App also integrates with Evernote after a $ 6.99 in App purchase.  This integration was not tested.

A large library of helpful support videos have been created by the developer: The App also has an active support site: .

The iPhone version of 7Notes Premium ($4.99) provides the ability to take handwritten notes on the iPhone.  However, I found the text conversion to be less accurate than the iPad version—although that may be a function of the smaller writing surface.  Nevertheless, the ability to take handwritten notes on the iPhone is still pretty cool, and works well enough to earn a qualified recommendation.

In summary, 7Notes for the iPad clearly meets our recommendation criteria of being both useful and practical.  7Notes for iPhone gets a qualified recommendation.



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