Google Tools Useful to Lawyers

Most modern lawyers find occasion to use Google almost every day.  However, if you are just doing routine searches, you are missing out on some of Google’s most  useful features.  A few of my favorites are the following:

  1. Google Alerts – Get email alerts whenever something of interest to you shows up on the web. A great way to monitor clients, adversaries and areas of law.  Easy to set.
  2. Google Images – Search for images on the internet for anyone or anything– Go ahead- see if there are any pictures of you on the web.
  3. Google Maps – The best way to map out directions and share with others.
  4. Google Patents – Full text search of every US patent.
  5. Google Scholar – Looking for a specific paper or Scholarly article, find it fast.
  6. Google Translate – Provides two way language translations.

If you have a favorite Google tool not discussed above, we would love to hear about it.

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