Review of ExhibitView Trial Presentation App for the iPad

[Disclosure—I have been provided free evaluation copies of TrialPad and ExhibitView (PC and iPad) by their respective developers, but have not received any compensation for my review of either product].

In a previous post, I compared the three trial exhibit presentation applications for iPad on the market at that time;  TrialPad, Exhibit A and RLTC Evidence. See

My conclusion was that TrialPad while pricey for an App ($89.00) was far superior to Exhibit A ($9.99), which in turn was far superior to RLTC Evidence  ($4.99), which I could not recommend. TrialPad was the only one of the three that in the end, I considered to be a serious trial presentation application.

I am pleased to report that there is now another professional grade iPad trial presentation application on the market and it is currently considerably less expensive than TrialPad.  The App is ExhibitView  ($29.00 App Store).

ExhibitView has been in the PC trial presentation software business for a number of years.  The PC version of their software is currently priced at $499.00 and includes 4 PC licenses and the iPad application as a free bonus.  The regular price of the ExhibitView iPad application is scheduled to be $69.00, but for a limited time the introductory price is $29.00.  This compares favorably to TrialPad priced at $89.00.  While the TrialPad iPad app offers a number of features not found in ExhibitView for iPad, ExhibitView has the advantage of integrating with the robust ExhibitView PC version.  In other words, there is the option to create your presentation on the desktop and then use the “Save as iPad” feature import the presentation to the iPad— to ExhibitView and even to TrialPad.  This is a major selling point favoring ExhibitView.  The Save-as-Ipad feature will convert everything to iPad format, except audio and video files.   William Roach, the developer of ExhibitView, has informed us that ExhibitView offers reasonably priced conversion services for audio/video files. See

It should be noted that Dropbox is the only method for transferring files to ExhibitView for iPad.  In comparison, TrialPad allows transfer by Dropbox,  iTunes, email and directly from the iPad photoroll.  In addition, only TrialPad offers the ability to export exhibits to Dropbox and email export exhibits.

Both applications import files easily from Dropbox and have good folder based case organizational systems.  Both applications have highlighting, drawing, and enlargement capability.  Both can accommodate video files.  The picture quality for both is good.  In addition,TrialPad has a laser pointer function, redaction function, rudimentary video editing capability, and a whiteboard (although I am underwhelmed by this last feature).

If download speeds matter to you, in my testing, ExhibitView  was able to download a large PDF file from Dropbox almost three times faster than TrialPad, e.g., 32 seconds for ExhibitView and 91 seconds for TrialPad.  While this may not be important for small files, it could be meaningful as file size increases.

ExhibitView also has a witness mode which allows the iPad Screen to be locked on an exhibit, so the iPad can be handed to the witness, who can then annotate the exhibit if appropriate.  A screenshot of the modified exhibit can be taken from the application.  While as a practical matter this may present evidentiary issues in court, this mode could prove to be a good tool for use in witness preparation for deposition and trial.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Having extensively tested both TrialPad and ExhibitView, my opinion is that TrialPad is the more full featured of the two applications from a stand alone perspective.  However, ExhibitView has all of the basic tools needed to make professional trial presentations on the iPad and currently costs less than half as much as TrialPad. It also has the PC integration feature.  I know the developers of ExhibitView and feel confident they are not going to be satisfied with being number 2 in this market.  TrialPad’s developer is just as determined to stay on top.  The result of this competition will be continual improvement of these two excellent products.



Review of ExhibitView Trial Presentation App for the iPad — 4 Comments

  1. Having met William Roach when I was exhibiting TrialPad (and our newest app, TranscriptPad) at LegalTech in New York last week, I can honestly say he’s a good guy (and a pretty mean guitar player from what he kept saying!). I’m not going to critique his iPad app, but I would like to point out a couple of things in general.

    Cost has been mentioned quite a bit when it comes to iPad apps. Many people are not aware that, unlike traditional software sold in boxes, Apple does not allow developers to charge for updates when you sell an app in the App Store, hence all those updates always say “FREE”. Therefore if a developer is going to continue to add features and provide support for an app with a limited audience, we have to charge a fair price to help pay for the continued development and support. I think that an app like TrialPad, costing less than the cost of a single black and white foamboard blowup, is a good investment for any lawyer.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean when you say that “While the TrialPad iPad app offers a number of features not found in ExhibitView for iPad, ExhibitView has the advantage of integrating with the robust ExhibitView PC version.” This integration is merely a “Save as iPad” which can then be imported just as easily into TrialPad.

    You’re correct in saying that TrialPad is determined to stay on top as the leading legal file management and trial presentation app for the iPad. Competition is good!

  2. Ian:

    Thank you for your comments. You make a good point that the “save as iPad” function of ExhibitView can be used to also create exhibits for TrialPad– so it may not be that much of a distinguishing feature.

    On price, I don’t question that you are charging a fair price for your App. However, for the price conscious, I think it is important for my blog to identify lower cost options that may get the job done for them.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Guys, we appreciate the very fair review. I met Ian at Legaltech and he is also a great guy, even though he can’t play guitar like me. Ian is Irish so he probably plays the flute and dances on his tiptoes, right?

    Lit Software was first to market TrialPad and I agree their price is certainly fair. I think everyone should simply buy BOTH of our products. They are priced right no matter what.

    Yes, everyone can use our PC brand, and SAVE-AS iPad and bring it into TrialPad too. We don’t hide that, we promote that!!!

    We have decided to leave our regular price at 29.99 as of 2/10/2012. Competition is awesome and we do plan to dominate this market. ExhibitView has HUGE and EXCITING plans in the works right now. Stay tuned as things start to get really exciting in the coming year.

    Oh yeah, Ian asked if I really give out my cell phone, sure do.. 404-247-3596 and I love to talk to my customers and prospective customers any day, any time!

    Best, Bill Roach, Partner
    ExhibitView Solutions, LLC

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