How to Create QR Codes for Lawyer Marketing

By now, most people are probably familiar with QR codes, such as the one below for this blog:

These codes are often found at a product point of sale or in printed advertisements.  Their purpose is to provide additional information to consumers on a product or service by taking them directly to a web address containing the information.  The customer simply scans the code with a smart phone or tablet camera (using one of the many available free QR Apps e.g., at&t code scanner) and they are taken to the web address with the information.

It may surprise you to learn that you can create your own QR codes for free. Simply go to:    Then, insert the web address where you want the code to direct the consumer. Voila- instant QR code.

The potential for the use for QR codes in your legal practice is limited only by the bounds of your imagination.  For example, you could print a code on your business cards that when scanned will open up your bio or blog site.  Similarly, you could use different QR codes throughout your marketing materials highlighting particular attorneys, services, or practice areas.

If you have come up with an interesting law related use for QR codes, we would love to hear about it.

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