How to create Your Own Law Blog (Blawg) in an Hour or Less

In December of 2010, I decided to enter the Blawg world.  At the time I had no idea how to even begin.  After some research, I found the web hosting service iPage which has great step-by-step instructional material.


With no prior experience, I was able to create a domain name and set up my account in less than an hour.  It is incredibly cheap to maintain a blog site.  I pay iPage about $4 per month for hosting my site—which includes everything basic plus some bells and whistles.  The service has been great and I highly recommend it. [Disclosure— The good news is that if you purchase iPage services by clicking on a link from my site, I receive a referral fee.  The better news is that you get a special promotional discount on the service for the first year].

Before you start the actual process you need to give some thought to the focus of your blog and what your domain name will be—e.g.,  Your domain name is like your phone number and you will be required to choose a unique one.  iPage walks you thorough the process step by step.

Then you install Word Press which allows you to build a website without knowing how to code or use HTML  (although as you blog for a while you will pick up some HTML knowledge)—just drag and drop. You basically use prepared templates and “widgets” that you customize.

Using iPage I can update my blog or even completely change the site design at will.  You will also get unlimited emails with your domain name (e.g.,

The steps in setting up a Blog using iPage:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Choose a domain name (e.g., This is a process where you keep trying out potential names until you find one that is available.
  3. Install Word Press
  4. Build your Website using templates and “widgets”—no coding knowledge required
  5. Start blawgging.  Remember that lawyer blogs are considered lawyer advertising by most states, so be sure you review the rules.  I will be doing a blog entry on lawyer blog ethical issues in the near future.

If you have questions about the process, then comment below and I, or one of the readers will attempt to answer them, or direct you to a resource.

Send me a link to your blawg when you set it up and I will mention it on my site so all can see.

Bill Latham a/k/a The Hytechlawyer

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