iPad Tips and Tricks Useful to Lawyers

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching my fourth CLE class on using the iPad for legal work. At the end of each class, I share a few tips and tricks with the group. I find that many experienced users are unaware of these helpful hints. This is the first of a series detailing some of these “tips and tricks” that might be useful to lawyers.   We will start off basic and will get more advanced as the series progresses.

First, make sure you have the latest version of IOS. To do this, go to the “Settings” icon and select. Next, push the “General” icon .  Then select “About”.  Then look for the “Version” under “About.”  As of the date of this entry, the version should be 5.0.1.  Version 5.0 and 5.0.1 were major upgrades and you’re missing out on significant iPad functionality if you are not up to date.  In fact, once these upgrades are installed, future upgrades are wireless.  I have been amazed at how many lawyers I encounter are still running iPad software versions 3 or more upgrades old.

Second–have you updated all your apps? If your App Store indictor has a number on it then the answer is no.  Select the App Store icon and then select update all.  You will be asked for your Apple password, however, application upgrades are free. This is the beauty of the App Store.  You can always have the latest version of the application. It is also important to install these upgrades because this is how bugs are fixed by the developers.

Screenshots – – did you know that you can take a screenshot of whatever is on your screen?  Briefly push the home button and power button at the same time and a picture will be taken of your current screen. You can find the picture in your camera roll with your other photos.  You can then export the picture by email, insert it in other documents, Etc.  That is how I was able to insert the photo of my blog below.

Shortcuts – – do you find yourself typing out lengthy e-mail addresses, conference call instructions, addresses, or other repetitive information?  Did you know that one of the improvements of IOS 5.0 is a shortcut feature that allows you to type a few letters for a long phrase?  To activate, select the “Settings” icon.  Go to the right side toward the bottom and select “Keyboard.” At the bottom you will see “add a new shortcut.”  Select it, and then add the shortcut, (e.g., “em”  for your “longwindedemail address.com”). Now, when ever you type “em” the long email address will pop up as choice that you can select by simply pressing the space key.

Resetting Malfunctioning Applications—No need to reset your whole iPad when an App hangs up or malfunctions.  Simple double click the home button.  Locate the offending App among the icons presented at the bottom. Push and hold the icon of the App you want to close, until the icon starts jiggling- then push the – to the left of the icon.  This closes (but does not delete) the App.

Sending multiple pictures in an e-mail:  It is simple to send multiple pictures in an e-mail from your camera roll. First, press the “Photos” icon.  If you have your photographs in albums, select the album containing the pictures you want to send.  Select the “Send” icon in the top right corner—it will turn blue.  Then tap each photo you want to send.  A check mark will appear on each selected photo. Tap share and you will be presented a menu to Email, print or message.

Do you want your iPad to read to you on occasion (for example while driving)?  Select “Settings”.  In the left hand column select “General” and then in the right hand column toward the bottom select “Accessibility.”  Then select “Speak Selection” and turn it on.  You can select the pace of speech.  Now, when you select any text (for example word documents, emails or books) you can have it read to you by tapping “Speak.”   Note, that for those that are visually impaired, the iPad can be set to read everything displayed  (Settings–>General–> Accessibility –>VoiceOver).  Be sure to read the instructions on the screen because selecting this VoiceOver option changes the iPad commands (of course you can reset them).

That’s all for now–

If you would like to share your favorite iPad Tricks and Tips, we would welcome your reply.


iPad Tips and Tricks Useful to Lawyers — 4 Comments

  1. I was looking for the Accessability tab on my IPad and could not find it…it this an app that needs to be downloaded. I have the most current version avaliable as mentioned in your post.


  2. Danita– Carefully follow the instructions and you should see it–

    Select “Settings” icon. In the left hand column select “General” and then in the right hand column toward the bottom select “Accessibility.” Then select “Speak Selection” and turn it on. You can select the pace of speech. Now, when you select any text (for example word documents, emails or books) you can have it read to you by tapping “Speak.”

    Good Luck–


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