Wireless Lawyer Presentations Using iPad 2 and Apple TV

One device we recommend for consideration for the hytech lawyer on your gift list is Apple TV ($99 Hytech Lawyer Store).  For the lawyer making a presentation, this device allows for wireless transmission of content from the iPad 2 to a HDMI monitor or Projector.    The Apple TV device is connected by HDMI cable  (not included) to an HDTV monitor or to an LCD Projector with a HDMI input.  The link between the iPad2 and the Apple TV device is WIFI  (so obviously the room will need to have good WIFI access).  This setup enables the presenter with an iPad2 to wonder the room while presenting anything on the iPad2 to the audience.  This will also work with those applications on the iPad1 that allow video output, e.g., Keynote, Trial Pad, Exhibit View, Exhbit A, Good Reader and Explain Everything.

The Apple TV device is small and elegant as is typical of Apple design. It is also inexpensive with a price of about $99. It is available from Apple, Amazon.com, Best Buy, etc.   The device has an output for an HDMI cable and an input for direct internet wired connection if desired.

While the presentation capabilities of Apple TV are one professional use lawyers might consider, the device’s true calling is to allow the streaming of TV shows and movies from iTunes, NetFlix, and media on your iPad, or other IOS device.  Set-up is easy and the interface is easy to use, as is the included remote control.  You can get more information at:  http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/family/apple_tv?


Wireless Lawyer Presentations Using iPad 2 and Apple TV — 3 Comments

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  2. have not tried Apple TV for presentations. I have used my iPad extensively and like trial pad the best. But I have done so by connecting the iPad directly to a projector or plug-in directly to an Elmo.

    I like the idea of using Apple TV and plan on giving it a try. It looks to me like you have to have and rely upon Wi-Fi to make it work. Many courts in Houston and in Texas do not have Wi-Fi. Most mediators do however.

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