The Hytech Lawyer’s Policy on Product and Software Reviews

Increasingly, I am being provided complementary copies of software, applications or products with the expectation that I will review them on this blog. Indeed, one of the primary objectives of the blog is to highlight practice technology that works. So here are the rules.

My general goal is to write positive reviews. In practice, this means that I actually write a review on less than half the products I examine. On occasion, I will compare and contrast categories of a product (i.e., note taking apps and trial presentation applications). In the comparison reviews somebody usually wins and somebody loses. When it comes to important issues like data security, the gloves are off.

Products that I would like to review are new tablets, net books, mini-laptops. While I am a fan of the iPad, I will give a fair break to any alternative, including Android or Windows OS devices. I am also interested in reviewing predictive coding technologies, new ediscovery tools, etc., and will be writing on these topics in the near term. As for the iPad, I review any enhancement accessories, cases, storage, external memory, etc. However, I do not review products that require jailbreaking. I also review phones, PC software,and practically anything else that can give a lawyer a practice advantage. I do not accept monetary consideration for endorsing any product unless that is disclosed in the review.

If you would like me to consider a review of your product, please contact me at for shipping instructions. Products submitted for review are not returned and become the property of

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