iPad Lawyer Tools: New Handwriting to Text Application for iPad Shows Promise

I have been waiting for an iPad handwriting to type conversion application that could reliably convert my chicken scratch into typed text suitable for sharing.  My patience has been rewarded– sort of.

7Notes Premium HD ($ 8.99 App Store) does a pretty good job of converting handwriting to type. In fact, I drafted this entire blog entry in handwriting using 7Notes.  I did have to do some keyboard clean-up, but that is to be expected given the inconsistencies of handwriting styles.  I print, so I cannot comment on the App’s accuracy with cursive, but for print it does a nice Job.


As you write, the small bar suggests would it thinks you are writing.  If the app has it right, then you simply tap on the text and it is entered into the main document area. There are intuitive correction controls for erasing mistakes.  You also have the option of writing without text conversion or alternatively typing.

Be aware that 7Notes Premium takes a while to master.  It appears to have some sort of learning capability that allows it to improve performance as you use it. This application shows a great deal of promise.  If the developers keep working at it they will have a world-class application. For now, I would give it three stars out of five, but it is by far the best handwriting to type conversion program I have seen for the iPad.



iPad Lawyer Tools: New Handwriting to Text Application for iPad Shows Promise — 2 Comments

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