iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

For those that need a near full size keyboard for the iPad, I recommend the Bluetooth Keyboard Case from Brookstone. I have used it for a month on  the road and it has performed flawlessly. Price $99.

Pros: Elegant compact case
iPad easily removable from case
Rubber keyboard is sturdy with click feedback
Rechargeable bluetooth battery- long life

Cons: Could use a small pouch for a stylus


iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case — 3 Comments

  1. Another great alternative to the Brookstone case is the new Zaggmate combination keyboard and case. Here is the website (if someone will tell me how to post a picture in this comment via an iPad, I will post a picture of mine): http://www.zagg.com/accessories/zaggmate.php;
    It connects via Bluetooth and you can turn the iPad to both landscape and portrait configurations. To me, this is an advantage of the Brookstone case where only one configuration is allowed. The keyboard has special keys to work with your iPad which helps. The case provides great protection for the screen side of the iPad. But, I would recommend still that you use a Zagg invisible shield (non-glare or clear version — I have the clear version and my wife has the non-glare version — she likes the non-glare version but I think it is grainy while my clear version, while a problem where you have light reflections, does make things sharper than the regular screen). In addition, you need something to protect the backside of the iPad when it is pressed into the case. I solved the problem with a nice looking black leather Zaggskin (can you tell I am a fan of the Zagg-line of products?). Zagg also offers very cool skins for the backside of the iPad (or the backside of the Zaggmate Keyboard Case) that you can design yourself. Yep, that means you can take one of their stock designs or you can actually use your own picture to make your own skin.

    As I see it, disadvantages of the Zaggmate are:
    1) The keyboard is smaller than normal, which takes some getting used to, particularly for people with fat fingers like me;
    2) You have to find something to protect the back of your iPad when it is in the case;
    3) When you separate the iPad from the keyboard/case and are using the iPad touchscreen, you have to find something to do with the keyboard/case;
    4) Like Bill’s comment on the Brookstone case, it would be helpful to have somewhere (other than the headphone jack which the Boxwave Stylus uses) to keep/store your stylus.

    But, the advantages greatly outweigh the cons. I have now given my Bluetooth Apple Keyboard (which was a pain to carry around) to my wife.

    • Great looking case Neil. I could not figure out how to insert the photo, but folks can follow the link.

    • I also have the Zaggmate keyboard and agree with all of Neil’s comments. The keyboard was easy to set up and pair with the iPad’s bluetooth feature. Since the initial set up, I have not had any problems with the keyboard. I was previously carrying the iPad in a Targus padded sleeve and had hoped to be able to store the combined iPad/Zaggmate keyboard case in the sleeve, but the iPad does not fit comfortably in the sleeve once it is stored in the keyboard case. In general, I have found the iPad much more useful for work applications with the addition of the keyboard. The keyboard is a little bit smaller than a standard size, so it takes some getting used to — but definitely faster than using the virtual keyboard on the screen.