How to Convert Video for use in iMovie on iPad2

Recently we reviewed iMovie on the iPad2 for use by lawyers.  While it may appear on first blush that only video taken using the iPad2 camera is recognized by iMovie, this is not the case.

The trick is to convert what ever video format your are using to mp4 (h264 codec; 1280 x 720)).  Reportedly this can be done by using a free video converter “Aleesoft Free ipad Video Converter.” However, I was unable to get this to work.

I was successful using Replay Media Catcher 4 (“RMC4”), a program I have used for over a year.  My practice often involves litigating advertising claims. I use RMC4 to capture streaming video of offending commercials.  One side feature feature of RMC4 is that it will convert almost any format video file to almost any video format you need. This PC based program is $39. See  A 30 day free trial is offered.

Using RMC4,  I have converted content from a Sony HD video camera , a Blackberry Bold Smart phone, random YouTube videos, and video from a deposition (unknown format),  all to MP4 format that when sychronized through iTunes, to photos, was recognized by iMovie. 

Using RMC4 you simply choose to convert to iPad (MP4 H264;30fps; 1280x 720;AAC). You then use the browse function to select the video file you desire to convert.  After selecting the video, click on convert.

Once the file is converted, sync your iPad with iTunes.  Select your iPad as the device in the left side tool bar.  Choose Photos in the top menu bar. Then set your iPad default to copy all photos (including videos– need to check “include videos box”)  Once that is done, hit the sync button at the right bottom corner of the screen.   After the sync, your video should appear both in iMovie and your camera roll.  From here, it is ready to edit and publish.

If there are easier ways to do this, we would love to hear about them.


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