After the Water Recedes: Resources for Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims and Lawyers Advising Them

Less than two years ago, my family and I experienced first-hand the trauma of our home being inundated by flooding and the four of us (plus a dog and two cats) being rescued by volunteers in john boats (Columbia, SC 2015). We were helped by so many in the ensuing weeks that we can never possibly repay all the kindness, love and generosity we were shown. We empathize with and want to help the people of Texas and Louisiana now being pummeled by the historic floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey and its remnants.

Despite having practiced law for over two decades, in the initial chaos following the flood it was difficult for me to locate straightforward and reliable information regarding FEMA relief (and its limitations), flood insurance information, and near term remediation advice. With that in mind, I am posting the following links that I think are helpful starting points for flood victims and the lawyers seeking to advise them:


FEMA Individuals and Households Program Unified Guidance (PDF)

How to File a Claim for FEMA Disaster Assistance (FEMA)

If you have Federal Flood Insurance how to file a claim (FEMA)

Repairing your Flooded Home (American Red Cross)

What to do the first 24 hours after a flood

To donate to the Red Cross, text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. The Red Cross is also accepting contributions to its website.

I hope these links are helpful. Suggestions for additional links are welcome. Reply to this post or e-mail me at

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