Are Tablets Practical?

Here is a link to a well written article that concludes that lawyers are generally better off sticking with laptops.

In the case of the iPad, I think that it a useful tool.  However, I would agree that it is a complement to my laptop  (and Blackberry Bold), and not a replacement.

Your thoughts?


Are Tablets Practical? — 4 Comments

  1. I find it interesting the cyclical nature of things, even technology. Many, many things are moving towards “cloud computing”, which essentially boils down to the old mainframe dumb terminal! With that said, as the technology of web apps grow, the need for a full-fledged, powerful laptop will lessen even more and I think tablets will slowly start gaining a much larger market share.

    If businesses start moving more towards cloud computing and hosting web applications, rather than using programs you load onto a computer, I think the tablet will become a more prevalent solution rather than a tool!

      • While there are some good points from Cali lawyer about the tablet not replacing the notebook, I believe that we are within a year from the tablet replacing the notebook in many areas of legal practice. The key is that you have to actually use the device. It can essentially do everything your laptop can do. And, at least at our firm where we use NetDocs for document creation, storage, etc., or where you can use clouds, there is no need for the extra memory that a laptop provides. Again, just use the thing and you will see what it can do.

        The law-related resources that I see right now as being lacking from the iPad (I don’t know about other tablets) are:
        1) Flash capability — yes, Steve, you have to include that eventually on the iPad and I believe it will be included within the year;
        2) Some word processing program that allows and shows track changes — track changes in Word is very important for most legal practices and document reviews but, currently, no iPad App has that capability. Docs to Go is, in my opinion, the elite word processing (read Word, Excel, PDF, and Powerpoint) program for the iPad but it, too, lacks the track changes feature.
        3) Camera — we NEED an installed camera on the iPad for video calls as well as for taking pictures in general. I know it is coming, but it needs to hurry up.
        4) USB connection — I do not consider this a necessity, but it would be nice to have.

        Give me those 3 things, an iPad, and a Zaggmate keyboard/case and I will literally stop taking my laptop with me on the road (and I travel a lot). I have already stopped taking the laptop on short 1-day or 2-day trips unless I know I will be reviewing/editing a lot of documents.

        Again, just USE IT!! You will be surprised if you do.

  2. One more comment about something the iPad lacks. The calendar program needs something to be able to change the default alert from none to some time frame such as “15 min”. I often forget to set the alert when I calendar an event on the iPad calendar.