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Recently, I had a delightful dinner with my distinguished co-counsel renowned Arkansas trial lawyer Bobby Jones and his beautiful and delightful wife Cheryl. Over the course of the night, the topic of fun Apps came up (imagine!). The Apps we discussed, which normally would not be the focus of this blog, are some of my current favorites I am recommending to my lawyer and non-lawyer friends alikeDescribed below are a number of the apps we talked about in the “courses” of dinner.

Reading the Menu

First things first– for those of us past 40, those menus can be hard to read, expecially in dimly lit restaurants.  There’s an App for that–

MagLight+ Magnifying Glass with Light [.99 The App Store]

This app turns your iPhone into a lighted magnifying glass perfect for reading those small print menus. 

Ordering the Wine ([$1.99] App Store, Android

Excerpted from the website- so true–

“ helps you enjoy wine even more! They say that life’s too short to drink bad wine. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve created the Wine Info iPhone application. In seconds, you can access CellarTracker’s information on over 1,000,000 bottles of wine… right from your iPhone!

Virtually any bottle of wine can be found using – really! So stop taking chances on the bottles you buy at the market and in restaurants. Simply type in the name of the wine (or even scan the bar code!) and you’ll have access to over 2,000,000 notes and ratings from experts and from the huge CellarTracker community of wine drinkers.

Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a novice, has great features to enhance and enliven your wine-drinking experience. If you’re just starting out, will help you improve your palate, find more wines you like to drink, and save time and money. Experts will love the detailed information on each wine and the inclusion of even the most rare and exotic bottles.”

Dinner talk—great trips–pictures


360 Panorama (App Store $ .99)—

This App is incredible– allows you to create an interactive 360 degree photograph with your iPhone or iPad. An invaluable tool for capturing those unforgettable vacation sights (or mapping out an accident site or crime scene). You can see an example photograph of a cul-de-sac I created in about five minutes using my iPhone. These images can be shared, flattened, etc. One of the Apps I use when demonstrating the “amazing wonders” of the iPad/iPhone.

Dinner Talk- The Amazing Walmart App

Walmart Mobile App [Free] for iPhone/iPad or Android


Walmart is not a frequent subject in my dinner conversations. However, this dinner took place just a few miles from Bentonville, Arkansas – the worldwide headquarters for Walmart.They have developed an amazing “Savings Catcher” App that allows you shop with confidence that you are getting the benefit of advertised deals by Walmart’s competitors when shopping Walmart. Simply scan the barcode on your Walmart receipt, and within three days Walmart notifies you what items were advertised for less by its competitors in your locale, and here’s the kicker Walmart refunds you the difference in the form of an egift card. BRILLIANT! In three weeks of shopping with the app, Walmart has refunded me $ 28.00. You can also use the Walmart app for comparison-shopping while shopping in a competitor’s store. Simply scan the barcode of the item in question and the App will show you the price for the same item in your local Walmart store.

Skip the Desert—time to work out

The practice of law is often stressful and sedentary – a bad combination.  There are a number of technology tools designed to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle and TO MOVE YOUR BODY.  I have been using the Fitbit Flex for five months now. I have only lost 10 pounds, but I have kept them off. So what is a Fitbit Flex?

It is a small bracelet monitor that keeps track of your movements (steps). It can also track how long you sleep and coupled with the Fitbit scale, your weight and percentage of body fat. Based upon your activity level, and how aggressive you tell it you want to be losing weight, Fitbit will set a custom daily calorie goal for you, and allows you track what you eat and the calories you burn through activity. You can also manually record your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels using the Fitbit App, although none of these are actively monitored by the device.


If you are the competitive type, the Fitbit App allows you to compete with your friends and family showing a weekly step level.  As you near your goal levels, the Fitbit sends you words of encouragement. When you to hit your goals, it sends you an electronic certificate of completion.

The Fitbit Flex comes in a variety of colors and interchangeable sets of bands only are available so you can coordinate colors with your wardrobe. The Fitbit Flex can be purchased at most big box stores, Best Buy and (see above).  It normally sells for about $99. The scale is about $120. The App is free: iPhone/iPad or Android.

Let’s Get Moving!!


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