Toys for the Hytech Lawyer—Your Personal Drone- Really! (Video)


For my 51st birthday, my wife and kids gave me a “hytech toy” that I now highly recommend tothose of  my tech savvy colleagues with some kid still left in them.  The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition is an iPhone/iPad controlled quad-copter that is incredibly easy (and fun!) to fly and transmits HD video/photographs to your iPhone/iPad via Wi-Fi (the drone is the Wi-FI source).  You can record to video (but not sound) to your i-device or insert a thumb drive into the USB port of the drone for even better quality photos. The video quality of the Parrot is high enough that an enterprising lawyer could find it practical for taking an aerial view of an accident scene, inspecting the roof of a building, etc.  I have been asked by a local farmer to photograph his crop.  Possible tax deduction?  The Parrot also comes with an indoor shell that would permit it to be flown inside—but you better have a gym size room because this baby moves fast. The Parrot is not cheap at $ 369.00 (Brookstone) for the Power Edition.  This version comes with extra propellers in different colors and two long life batteries that go for 18 minutes each.    Make sure you get the 2.0 version as it is reportedly a signficant improvement over the original Parrot. The first video was taken on my second day with the Parrot—after about an hour of flight experience and I was doing flips and controlling the Parrot with confidence. One thing is definitely clear the Parrot can take a beating as I crashed it hard at least 10 times without more than minor scratches.   The next video depicts a high velocity fence crash that the Parrot survived relatively unscathed. Bottom line—this is a great toy to engage your inner kid and to play with your kids.  Highly Recommended.

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