Video Mirroring on iPad 2

When iPad 1 was launched, Steve Jobs demonstrated its features using a specially designed WYSIWYG big screen display that projected for the audience exactly what was on the screen of the iPad that he was holding (“video mirroring”).  However, as I learned to my disappointment after I purchased an iPad, there was no such application commercailly available allowing for the WSIWYG presentation capability demonstrated by Mr. Jobs.

Finally, with the launch of iPad 2, video mirroring on the iPad has become a reality.  This feature allows the user to display whatever is on the iPad display using a projector, big screen tv, etc.  The hookup is via the current VGA adapter ($29.00) or the new Digital AV adapter ($39.00), which also has a connection allowing charging of the iPad while in the video display mode.

The instructional, sales and legal presentation possibilities of an iPad with video mirroring are limited only by the imagination of the presenter.  It allows for the design of free flowing presentations that can be tailored on the spot, as opposed to being locked into an inflexible Key Note or PowerPoint type presentation. Instead, the presenter can simply choose those predefined options that are appropriate for his or her audience under the circumstances—and adjust during the course of the presentation as might be appropriate given audience questions.  While making productive use of this capability will require good pre-planning, the same master set of options could be used with different audiences without the necessity of requiring that each audience have its own pre-designed linear presentation.

The ability to create presentations on the fly using video mirroring is by itself reason for me to purchase the iPad 2.

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