The Hytech Lawyer Review and Video Demo of Leap Motion Controller


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Leap Motion Controller (“Leap”). The promise of the Leap is the ability to control your computer by simply moving your hands, without touching a mouse or the screen itself– like Tom Cruise did in 2001 movie “The Minority Report.” I had visions of waving my hands in court during a presentation and making magic occur for the judge and jury– I’m still waiting.

As you will see from my video review, the Leap is in fact quite amazing. However, that does not yet translate into the Leap being a practical tool for use by lawyers in their work. For now, it is simply much more efficient to control your computer using a mouse or touch screen than using the Leap and currently available software. No doubt that will change as clever developers and the Leap Team continue to refine what is now still a beta quality device.


The Hytech Lawyer Review and Video Demo of Leap Motion Controller — 2 Comments

  1. Enjoyed this review. I was thinking pretty much the same thing re: Leap. I received mine the day it was released and played around with it a bit. It was really interesting to interact with my computer in that way, but it was a bit tough to figure out the best ways to move my hands correctly, etc. And the apps that are currently out don’t have much application to the legal profession–but in time perhaps news ones will be released that will be more useful.

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