The Hytech Lawyer and Kids Have Fun with Green Screen Effects on iPad

IMG_1475 Lest you think that being the Hytech Lawyer means all work and no play, here is a little window into the recreational part of my world.  In this video, my “hytech” kids and I play around with the green screen functionality of a neat iPad app named VideoFX Live.  Green screen technology also known as Chromakey, is how your local TV weather person appears to stand in front of a moving weather map, when in actuality, he or she is standing in front of a solid green screen. The green (and just the green) is replaced electronically with another image, such as a weather map or anything else you can imagine.  When used with a good quality green screen, the VideoFX Live green screen app on the iPad gives results close to professional grade. The creative possibilities are endless and can make the production of a family video an entertaining and interactive family activity.

The green screen effects are just a few of the many available for this app. The basic App is free, but the really cool effects require an in app purchase.  We spent about $12 to buy all the effects that looked interesting.

We also purchased a large green screen (10 x 7) with stands for about $ 90.00.  The assembled unit is huge, but packs away nicely.  Other green colored material can work, but having a good screen makes a big difference.

We would love to hear about your favorite fun apps—leave a comment below if you are so inclined.

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