The Lawyer’s Toolbox— How to Create Stunning 3D Timelines on the iPad

Most successful trial lawyers have the knack for simplifying the incredibly complex so that the core issues are easily  grasped by whatever audience is at hand– be it client, judge, jury, arbitrator, mediator, or opposing counsel.   Part of the simplification process is putting the facts into proper temporal context  (in human speak– a timeline).  A good practice is to begin constructing a case chronology of key events during your initial review of the file– vigilantly building on as more facts become known.

When it comes time to present your chronology for purposes of persuasion, creating a compelling and comprehensible timeline exhibit can be difficult if there are a large amount of events to be chronicled.  Recently, I was consulted on a very high dollar commercial dispute submitted to binding arbitration.   The lawyers, being cutting edge types, wanted to use iPads in their presentation.  There were about 200 key documents, and key dates were critical to the disputed issues.   My recommendation was that they use the Timeline 3D App for iPad to display their key dates and documents.


Timeline 3D (App Store $7.99) is a stunning timeline presentation tool that provides both a 2D and 3D perspective.  Seeing is believing.  What follows are stills and video from a Demo presentation that took me only 25 minutes to prepare, all on the iPad:







Presenter’s Screen:

photo (2) (1280x960)







2D viewphoto.PNG2







3D viewphoto

But still pictures do not do the App justice.  Take a gander at Timeline 3D in action in a recorded presentation. LINK

For those true MacLawyers, the $65 Mac Version allows you to create a timeline and then integrate it with iPad Keynote so only your imagination is the limit.  Amazingly, the 3D animation effects are preserved as you move from slide to slide, and you still have the full capabilities of Keynote to add any other slide or media to the presentation.  Amazing!

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