The Lawyer’s Tool Kit— Device Cord and Accessory Organizer

As you might expect, like many road warrior attorneys, I travel with a multiplicity of devices. Most of these devices have one or more cords, and/or accessories. I’ve attempted to manage all this gear by purchasing a number of great case/bags/backpacks with lots of pockets and sections.  Therein, lies the rub – while I know a particular cord or accessory is in a pocket or section somewhere in the bag, I have in the past spent an inordinate amount of time searching through the pockets, nooks and crannies trying to find a specific cord, accessory or small device. Also, when I needed to switch bags or cases, I sometimes inadvertently left a cord or accessory behind—only later to discover it was missing.


Recently a colleague introduced me to the Cocoon Ultimate GRID-IT Organizer.  The unique weave of rubberized elastic bands are made specifically to hold personal objects firmly in place.I have all of my cords and small accessories firmly mounted on the organizer. The organizer consists of a hard plastic backing with a grid system of rubberized bands on the front side to hold your cords and gear, and a zippered pocket of the backside for small accessories.



You simply slip the organizer in your backpack, briefcase, or computer bag. When you need something, you pull out the entire organizer where your whole collection of cords and gear are clearly visible and easily accessible. This organizer has saved me considerable frustration, and makes transferring from bag to bag, or case to case much easier.

While I have the 12 inch x 8 inch model in black (available at the Hytech Lawyer Store for $15.27), GRID-IT organizers come in a variety of colors and sizes.  The Hytech Lawyer  highly recommends the Cocoon Ultimate GRID-IT Organizer.


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