The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium with Video Demo

I have been using successive versions of Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the past five years.  While the company has long boasted of accuracy rates in the high 90 percent range, for me the performance was usually closer to the high 80s. Curiously, I found that if I dictated in an affected radio announcer type voice or if I actually sang the dictation, the accuracy level greatly improved. As you can imagine, I received some strange looks as folks passed by my office and observed me dictating a brief in my artificial announcer voice, or even better yet the few times I was caught singing a letter to opposing counsel.  Fortunately, Nuance has just released Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, which further improves upon the already high accuracy level of the software. The company boasts a 20% increase in accuracy, and the improvement is noticeable.  Video Demo

The price for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium is $199.00.    For current users of Dragon 11, Nuance is offering a $99 upgrade offer.  One helpful hint– you need a good USB or Bluetooth microphone.  A cheap mini-jack microphone will not give satisfactory results.


The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium with Video Demo — 8 Comments

  1. I currently use version 11.5 of Naturally Speaking. I am very impressed by its accuracy, but am very frustrated by its frequently crashing – at least once every time I use it. Do you any comments on the program’s overall reliability?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ray Finn

    • Ray:


      You make a good point and when I should have noted in my post. I experienced the same frequent crashes in Dragon 11.5. Dragon 12 appears to be much more stable. I’ve used it for a whole week without a single crash. From what I’ve seen, I would recommend the upgrade.

      Bill Latham

  2. I would recommend an upgrade. I’ve had version 9, 10 and now 12.
    I had a lot of crashing problems with 10 and now it seems to work just fine. Now when I say “correct that” it actually gives me the word that I want to correct.

  3. corrected to 12 right away I happened to see your brief review of DNS 12 and it certainly looks like another fine product from Nuance.

    I thought I’d add that I have used Dragon for many years, and especially in the last three or four iterations, I have had very few problems with the program crashing.

    I use it extensively for dictation of letters, e-mail, briefs, text messages and so on, and have found it to be both excellent in terms of transcription of my dictation, and very stable in use.

    Currently, I am using version 11.5, and I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade the 12 right away or perhaps wait until the next iteration. Do you have any thoughts on whether it’s worthwhile to do the upgrade?

    I enjoy your blog!

    — George (dictated to Dragon but not proofread)

  4. I purchased 11.5 two months ago but was wondering if it is worth getting 12? Can you tell the difference in terms of speed (word delivery,correction,commands etc) from 11.5?

  5. I have been using version 11.5 at home and at work both on Windows 7 HP desktops with plenty of hard disk space and 4GB of RAM. at home I have office 2007 and when using Dragon, Outlook crashes quite frequently (perhaps four or five times a day though it normally starts itself up immediately with no loss of data). At work with office 2010 I have not noticed any crashes. I find the accuracy is very good as long as I speak clearly. The aspect that annoys me is trying to get Dragon to recognise strings of words which when said together should always have initial capitals such as the London metals exchange. The one big mistake I made was to buy a headset without first consulting Nuance’s excellent equipment list which evaluates the accuracy available from various headsets and voice recorders. having a good headset increased my accuracy tremendously.

  6. I am a law student and considered the Legal version. When I phone Nuance/Dragon, I was told the new subscriber package is $799 which is the latest version versus still a 12 but an earlier version. I was told the $199.00 price to upgrade an earlier version so to get it will be $799.00.

    If it something i can use over the next 4 years in school it might be worth it. I started looking a the straight Naturally Speaking and came across the Legal version. For a student is it worth the investment?

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