The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Mirror your iPad and iPhone to PC Without Apple TV Using Reflection App

In a previous post, we explored the wireless iPad presentation possibilities for using Apple TV and a digital to analog coverter with conventional VGA projectors.  Now there is a phenomenal software alternative by the name of “Reflection” that allows you to mirror your iPad2 or new iPad on your Mac or PC screen without using Apple TV.  Yes—I said PC.   In turn, a VGA projector or SmartBoard can be attached to the PC computer to allow wireless presentations using the iPad/iPhone4S (a common WI FI connection is required).   The cost is $14.99 for a single computer license and is available for download at the Reflection web site.  The picture and sound quality are very good.

You have the option of a framed iPad image, which is good for instructing iPad beginners, or







a full screen view, which allows for larger display of the content.







One minor issue, the application reportedly has a record feature for Windows 7 PCs to allow you to record what is displayed on the PC Desktop, but I could not get it to work.   The documentation for the software is minimal and no recording instructions were provided.   An e-mail to tech support had not been responded to by time of publication– if a solution is given, we will update the post.   Nevertheless, using an alternative program (Hypercam), I was able to create an example video demo demonstrating how to use GoodReader to electronically sign a legal document.  Reflection can also be used with programs like “GoTo Meeting” to do live iPad and Applications Demos.  Lawyers, teachers, presenters– anyone who wants to present or teach with the iPad should find Reflection to be  extremely useful.   It is on my short list for best new App of 2012.


The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Mirror your iPad and iPhone to PC Without Apple TV Using Reflection App — 6 Comments

  1. I could not download the free trial version. My iPad seems to think that the download file is a video file. Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve taught AP Physics for 28 years and I find your articles well written and highly insightful. You consistently highlight cost effective ways to integrate iPads into my classroom. Thanks for all of your outstanding efforts.

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