The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Review of WordRake an Impressive Automated Proofreader Designed by a Lawyer for Lawyers

Executive Summary:  WordRake is an impressive automated proofreader for lawyers. Many of us are guilty of the same offense – we write like lawyers. To be precise, we often make word choices that hinder our ability to convey the point at hand in a concise and intelligible fashion.  My prose is often wordy, and when I’m under the gun, it … Read More

The Future of Education– it’s not your Daddy’s Classroom

We are living in a time of tremendous technological change. For the first time in history, most of the useful accumulated knowledge of the human species can be accessed by a child on a smart phone. Thousands of students can be taught by a master teacher in a virtual class room half-way across the world. Students can also be tutored … Read More

Lawyer Ethics- Is Your Head in the Cloud?– The Ethical Implications of Using Dropbox and Other Cloud Services

Executive Summary:  Before an attorney uses cloud based services to transfer, store or process confidential client information, the attorney must exercise reasonable care to ensure that the cloud service provider will handle the information so as to comply with the attorney’s ethical obligation to preserve client confidences.   This includes, among other things, a review of the provider’s terms of service and privacy policy, … Read More

The Hytech Lawyer’s Choice for Best iPad Hand Notetaking App Winter 2013

Even in this digital age, I frequently find the need to take old fashioned handwritten notes in meetings, interviews and fact finding situations.  While in theory, I could take notes on my laptop or type on the iPad, handwriting notes is less distracting than typing and creates less of a barrier between myself and the person(s) with whom I am interacting.  … Read More