Big Law- Hard Truths and Hard Times for the Old Model

A sobering but well reasoned analysis:  revolutionary change is required, but hard to implement due to lawyer resistance. See also: And-’t-Be-Dewey-Dozen-Use-This-Checklist-to-Make-Sure-Your-Firm-Isn’t-Dewey.html Tweet … Read More

The Lawyer’s Tool Kit— Device Cord and Accessory Organizer

As you might expect, like many road warrior attorneys, I travel with a multiplicity of devices. Most of these devices have one or more cords, and/or accessories. I’ve attempted to manage all this gear by purchasing a number of great case/bags/backpacks with lots of pockets and sections.  Therein, lies the rub – while I know a particular cord or accessory … Read More

The Lawyer’s Toolbox: Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Premium with Video Demo

I have been using successive versions of Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the past five years.  While the company has long boasted of accuracy rates in the high 90 percent range, for me the performance was usually closer to the high 80s. Curiously, I found that if I dictated in an affected radio announcer type voice or if I actually sang … Read More

The Lawyer’s Toolbox– Air Display– Using Your iPad or Android Device for Depo Prep, A Second Monitor, or for Touch Screen Remote Access to Your PC/Mac

[This is an update and supplement to a post that originally ran in January of 2012] In my office, I have a dual monitor set-up that I find to be very useful.  When on the road, I carry my laptop PC and an iPad2.  Air Display ($9.99 The App Store) allows me to use my iPad as a dual monitor … Read More