Review of PaperPort Notes: Voice to Text Dictation App for the iPad

I was first exposed to the concept of voice type dictation as a young child viewing the original TV show Star Trek. In one particular episode involving the Enterprise travelling through time to 1960s Earth, actress Terri Garr was astonished to observe a typewriter type by itself everything she said in real-time.   Even as a youngster, I thought that the … Read More

Review of 7Notes HD Premium –Handwriting to Text on iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire

[Note: 7Notes is available for Android and Kindle Fire, but only the  iPad and iPhone versions were tested for this review.] For the past two years, I have been waiting for an App with the ability to accurately and practically convert handwriting to text.  We previously reviewed 7Notes HD Premium (“7notes”) ($8.99 iPad) when it was first introduced. The  … Read More

Important Lawyer Skills – Remembering Names – Develop a System

In his classic– How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnage counsels:  “Remember that a man’s name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in the English language.”   When you remember someone’s name you are telling them that you recognize that they are worth remembering– they are important.  Learn to remember names well, and you will do much to … Read More

Comparative Review of Seven Cloud Services for Consideration by Lawyers

Many lawyers are poised to leap into the world of cloud computing, but have no good way to compare and contrast the many available services to assess their suitability for the lawyer’s practice and for lawyer use in the first instance (e.g., security concerns).  The folks at have therefore done the public a service  by reviewing, comparing and rating seven of … Read More

Google Tools Useful to Lawyers

Most modern lawyers find occasion to use Google almost every day.  However, if you are just doing routine searches, you are missing out on some of Google’s most  useful features.  A few of my favorites are the following: Google Alerts – Get email alerts whenever something of interest to you shows up on the web. A great way to monitor … Read More

Review of ExhibitView Trial Presentation App for the iPad

[Disclosure—I have been provided free evaluation copies of TrialPad and ExhibitView (PC and iPad) by their respective developers, but have not received any compensation for my review of either product]. In a previous post, I compared the three trial exhibit presentation applications for iPad on the market at that time;  TrialPad, Exhibit A and RLTC Evidence. See My conclusion was that … Read More