How to Create QR Codes for Lawyer Marketing

By now, most people are probably familiar with QR codes, such as the one below for this blog: These codes are often found at a product point of sale or in printed advertisements.  Their purpose is to provide additional information to consumers on a product or service by taking them directly to a web address containing the information.  The customer … Read More

Prominent Lawyer Sanctioned $522,000 for Instructing Client to “Clean-Up” Facebook Account

Some attorneys are still learning the hard way that spoliation of social media evidence is just like the spoliation of any other evidence.  Exhibit A– prominent Virginia trial attorney Matthew Murray has been ordered to pay over $522,000 in sanctions for instructing his client to “clean up” his Facebook page.   See    The relevant orders are linked: facebook spoliation   Lester_v_Allied_Concrete_Final_Order … Read More

How to Use the iPad Untethered (wireless) with VGA Projector or Smart Board

In a previous post, we extolled the virtues of using Apple TV ($99 The Hytech Lawyer Store) to enable wireless presentations with the iPad.  Imagine, a teacher being able to wander the room with a wireless iPad to check the progress of individual students while at the same time simultaneously mirroring the content of their iPad to a projector, TV … Read More

How to create Your Own Law Blog (Blawg) in an Hour or Less

In December of 2010, I decided to enter the Blawg world.  At the time I had no idea how to even begin.  After some research, I found the web hosting service iPage which has great step-by-step instructional material. With no prior experience, I was able to create a domain name and set up my account in less than an hour.  … Read More

iPad Tips and Tricks Useful to Lawyers

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of teaching my fourth CLE class on using the iPad for legal work. At the end of each class, I share a few tips and tricks with the group. I find that many experienced users are unaware of these helpful hints. This is the first of a series detailing some of these “tips and tricks” … Read More