iPad Lawyer Tools: New Handwriting to Text Application for iPad Shows Promise

I have been waiting for an iPad handwriting to type conversion application that could reliably convert my chicken scratch into typed text suitable for sharing.  My patience has been rewarded– sort of. 7Notes Premium HD ($ 8.99 App Store) does a pretty good job of converting handwriting to type. In fact, I drafted this entire blog entry in handwriting using … Read More

Effective Use of Skype in ADR Presentations– The Virtual Expert

This week I had another opportunity to use Skype in a quasi judicial forum.   One of my partners and I represented a major corporation in an appearance before the National Advertising Division (“NAD”) of the Better Business Bureau.   The NAD is a voluntary dispute adjudication forum where national advertisers can voluntarily take disputes alleging unfair or deceptive advertising by competitors.  The … Read More


While it may be an exaggeration to state that an iPad without WIFI is nothing more than a stylish paperweight, it is true that the utility of the device is drastically reduced without wireless access to the net.  The same is true for WIFI dependent laptops, other tablets and smart phones.  While I use a mobile hotspot (Virgin Mobile MIFI … Read More

Making Presentations to Groups of iPad Users

A colleague recently indicated that she wanted to make a marketing presentation to a group of bank executives who were all equipped with iPads supplied by their employer. The concept was to use a traditional PowerPoint presentation, but instead of having a large screen displaying the presentation, broadcasting the presentation to each individual executive’s iPad as they sat around a … Read More