Use of Dropbox by Lawyers is Risky Business—Ethical Issue

Over the past month, there has been much discussion regarding possible vulnerablities in Dropbox security that might make the service unsuitable for use by attorneys and others required to protect the confidentiality of data.  Reportedly, these issues have been addressed by a software fix.  See   However, for lawyers a more fundamental inquiry is required.  Daily, we use the internet, email, telephone, … Read More

LAWYER ALERT– Alleged Dropbox Security Issues and New Fix

In a previous post, I sang the praises of Dropbox as a file transfer application for the iPad and discussed the application developer’s security representations See Dropbox allows the user to put a file into the Dropbox on one device  (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and the document is automatically synched to “the cloud” and can then be accessed on the users … Read More