The Lawyer’s Toolbox– Air Display– Using Your iPad or Android Device for Depo Prep, A Second Monitor, or for Touch Screen Remote Access to Your PC/Mac

[This is an update and supplement to a post that originally ran in January of 2012] In my office, I have a dual monitor set-up that I find to be very useful.  When on the road, I carry my laptop PC and an iPad2.  Air Display ($9.99 The App Store) allows me to use my iPad as a dual monitor … Read More

Are Windows Based Tablets the Future for Lawyers?

A demo version of  Windows 8 has been unveiled and is a potentially potent post post PC challenger  (say that 5 times fast :)) to Apple OS system devices– never mind that the public has not seen the hardware side of the equation needed to run this innovative software.   Nevertheless, I commend to you the following post by  Zach … Read More

Are Tablets Practical?

Here is a link to a well written article that concludes that lawyers are generally better off sticking with laptops. In the case of the iPad, I think that it a useful tool.  However, I would agree that it is a complement to my laptop  (and Blackberry Bold), and not a replacement. Your thoughts? Tweet … Read More