iPad for Lawyers is Most Useful as Media Consumption Device

Michael Payne has written an informative article that succinctly answers the question I am most frequently asked by those considering an iPad or other tablet device– “I have a laptop– how will an iPad improve my practice?” http://www.law.com/jsp/nylj/nylawyer/PubArticleNYL.jsp?id=1202498747191&rss=nylawyer&slreturn=1&hbxlogin=1 Tweet … Read More

Review of DocScanner App for iPad2/iPhone as Lawyer Tool

I have been using the DocScanner App for iPad for several weeks now.  The App allows you to photograph business cards, receipts, and documents and forward them as photographs, PDF copies, or to convert them to text via OCR.   Today, during a meeting that I was hosting via GoToMeeting with five attendees, another attendee in the room with me started … Read More

SpiderOak Appears to be More Secure Alternative to DropBox for Lawyers

[DISCLOSURE– I was so impressed with SpiderOak that I have agreed to feature a SpiderOak banner on my blog site.  If you open an account through a link on my site for a free or paid account, I will receive some nominal compensation to help defray the costs of software testing.] In earlier articles, I have discussed the utility of … Read More

Supplementing Attorney Notes with Synched Audio Recordings (PC and iPad)

There are a number of PC programs and iPad applications that can be used to audio record voices and sounds while an attorney takes notes—synching the recording to the notes for easy reference.  This is an extremely useful tool when conducting witness interviews, attending meetings and when conducting or defending depositions.  For example, suppose you are deposing the expert for … Read More

Join the Debate– Is the iPad a Practical Tool for Lawyers?

In his blog “Spam Notes,”  Venkat Balasubramani has penned a well written debate provoking piece entitled “What is the ‘iPad for lawyers” Crowd Smoking.”  See  http://spamnotes.com/2011/04/10/what-is-the-ipad-for-lawyers-crowd-smoking.aspx?ref=rss The author focuses on the fact that every lawyer need seems to require the purchase of a specialized App or piece of equipment such as a separate key board.  While this is generally true, the Apps generally … Read More

Three Minute Video Review of iMovie and teleprompt+

Click the link for my favorable, less than three minute, video reviews of iMovie (iPad2 only– or is it?)  and teleprompt+ (iPad and iPad2):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeNcSbmi3m0iMovie In a nutshell, iMovie has surprising robust editing capability.  I found the following YouTube video to be straight to the point and very instructive on how to use iMovie:  http://www.macmoviemakers.com/imovie/imovie-for-ipad-2-tutorial/ teleprompt+ teleprompt+ is an amazing teleprompter … Read More

10 Best iPad Apps for Lawyers -15 Minute Video Demo

Here is the link to our first video where we demo the apps on hytechlawyer.com’s current top ten iPad apps for lawyers list.  Please be kind– this is a first attempt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhBZHekjTzs The top 10 are: 1.  Dropbox  (file transfer among conputers and devices) 2.  Goodreader  (media viewing and content management) 3.  iAnnotate PDF  (Best at marking up PDF files– lots of features) 4.  … Read More

Foldable Rubber USB Keyboard Compatible with iPad

Previously we have discussed various external keyboard options for use with the iPad.  These Bluetooth keyboards were integrated into a case and while larger than the iPad virtual keyboard, were still smaller than standard size.  We have located an iPad compatible USB full size rubber keyboard that rolls or folds into a very compact size.  The keyboard is marketed under the … Read More