In one episode of the original Star Trek television series (Assignment: Earth), the Enterprise and its crew were thrown back in time to Earth in 1968.  A young Teri Garr played a secretary that during the course of the episode was astounded by numerous examples of future technology that were being used by an alien from the future.  One of … Read More

Foldable Rubber USB Keyboard Compatible with iPad

Previously we have discussed various external keyboard options for use with the iPad.  These Bluetooth keyboards were integrated into a case and while larger than the iPad virtual keyboard, were still smaller than standard size.  We have located an iPad compatible USB full size rubber keyboard that rolls or folds into a very compact size.  The keyboard is marketed under the … Read More

Security for Cloud Synced Data (Dropbox and MobileNoter)

Two applications that I am using for file transfers in my new iPad centric practice are Dropbox and MobileNoter. Both of these applications provide cloud synchronization features that allow data stored on my system computer to be synced via the cloud to or from my iPad in encrypted form. Before using these services, I conducted some basic due diligence to … Read More

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

For those that need a near full size keyboard for the iPad, I recommend the Bluetooth Keyboard Case from Brookstone. I have used it for a month on  the road and it has performed flawlessly. Price $99. Pros: Elegant compact case iPad easily removable from case Rubber keyboard is sturdy with click feedback Rechargeable bluetooth battery- long life Cons: Could … Read More

Are Tablets Practical?

Here is a link to a well written article that concludes that lawyers are generally better off sticking with laptops. http://www.callawyer.com/story.cfm?eid=912900&evid=1 In the case of the iPad, I think that it a useful tool.  However, I would agree that it is a complement to my laptop  (and Blackberry Bold), and not a replacement. Your thoughts? Tweet … Read More