iPad for Lawyers is Most Useful as Media Consumption Device

Michael Payne has written an informative article that succinctly answers the question I am most frequently asked by those considering an iPad or other tablet device– “I have a laptop– how will an iPad improve my practice?” http://www.law.com/jsp/nylj/nylawyer/PubArticleNYL.jsp?id=1202498747191&rss=nylawyer&slreturn=1&hbxlogin=1 Tweet … Read More

SpiderOak Appears to be More Secure Alternative to DropBox for Lawyers

[DISCLOSURE– I was so impressed with SpiderOak that I have agreed to feature a SpiderOak banner on my blog site.  If you open an account through a link on my site for a free or paid account, I will receive some nominal compensation to help defray the costs of software testing.] In earlier articles, I have discussed the utility of … Read More

Hytech Lawyer Updates Recommendation as to Best Application for Taking Handwritten Notes on iPad

As will be discussed in my next blog post, my goal is to move toward an always accessible electronic litigation file and a virtually paperless office.   However, the reality is that I still find the need to take old fashioned handwritten notes in depositions, meetings, interviews and fact finding situations.  While in theory I could take notes on my laptop, I find that taking … Read More

LAWYER ALERT– Alleged Dropbox Security Issues and New Fix

In a previous post, I sang the praises of Dropbox as a file transfer application for the iPad and discussed the application developer’s security representations See  http://hytechlawyer.com/?p=49 Dropbox allows the user to put a file into the Dropbox on one device  (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and the document is automatically synched to “the cloud” and can then be accessed on the users … Read More

Basic iPad Security for Lawyers

So you love your iPad and want to use it in your law practice.  That likely means using it to store and communicate confidential client information.  You may also be accessing your firm’s internal and cloud based systems.  It is also quite possible that unlike your traditional work desktop/laptop, you may be tempted to share this repository of client secrets … Read More

Important iPad Security Tip for Lawyers

The blog iPad4lawyers has an excellent security tip. The simple 4 number pass code protection offered as a first default when security is enabled on the iPad is very weak. However, the iPad has the capability to require a strong password or even number/letter combinations. Tap the link below for directions in setting up your iPad with a strong password/number … Read More

Join the Debate– Is the iPad a Practical Tool for Lawyers?

In his blog “Spam Notes,”  Venkat Balasubramani has penned a well written debate provoking piece entitled “What is the ‘iPad for lawyers” Crowd Smoking.”  See  http://spamnotes.com/2011/04/10/what-is-the-ipad-for-lawyers-crowd-smoking.aspx?ref=rss The author focuses on the fact that every lawyer need seems to require the purchase of a specialized App or piece of equipment such as a separate key board.  While this is generally true, the Apps generally … Read More

Using the iPad for Witness Preparation

Video demo available: Have you purchased an iPad2 and are now looking for a good use for your original iPad? Consider using it as a deposition preparation tool. I am a trial attorney and primarily litigate complex business cases. My practice is national in scope, and I am often on the road preparing witnesses for deposition, hearing, or trial testimony. … Read More

Three Minute Video Review of iMovie and teleprompt+

Click the link for my favorable, less than three minute, video reviews of iMovie (iPad2 only– or is it?)  and teleprompt+ (iPad and iPad2):   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeNcSbmi3m0iMovie In a nutshell, iMovie has surprising robust editing capability.  I found the following YouTube video to be straight to the point and very instructive on how to use iMovie:  http://www.macmoviemakers.com/imovie/imovie-for-ipad-2-tutorial/ teleprompt+ teleprompt+ is an amazing teleprompter … Read More

10 Best iPad Apps for Lawyers -15 Minute Video Demo

Here is the link to our first video where we demo the apps on hytechlawyer.com’s current top ten iPad apps for lawyers list.  Please be kind– this is a first attempt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhBZHekjTzs The top 10 are: 1.  Dropbox  (file transfer among conputers and devices) 2.  Goodreader  (media viewing and content management) 3.  iAnnotate PDF  (Best at marking up PDF files– lots of features) 4.  … Read More