The Lawyer’s Toolbox– How to Download SMS Text Messages, Call History Logs, Voicemail and Other data from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac or PC– Review of DiskAid 5 and FileApp Pro

While investigating the practicality of time capture software (e.g., Element 55, Time Builder, Smart Time—to be the subject of a future article), I learned that one of the major holes in all of these programs is the ability to capture … Continue reading

Taking Notes on PCs and iPads With Synched Audio Recordings

There are a number of PC programs and iPad applications that can be used to audio record voices and sounds while an attorney takes notes—synching the recording to the notes for easy reference. This is an extremely useful tool when … Continue reading

The Hytech Lawyer Recommends Thirty-One Great Apps for Lawyers – Early Summer 2012

Some are old, some are new, but they have all made the Hytech Lawyer’s current recommended list of best iPad apps for Lawyers. 1.    Goodreader  ($4.99 App Store) One of the best selling non-Apple apps for iPad in 2011.  This … Continue reading