The Lawyer’s Toolbox: How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote and Transfer to the iPad (Video)

Keynote  ($9.99 The App Store) for the iPad is a powerful presentation App created by Apple and similar to Microsoft’s PowerPoint.  I use both Keynote and PowerPoint frequently for meetings and general presentations and prefer Keynote becasue of its graphic look and effects.  However, many iPad Lawyer’s do not have a sufficient comfort level with Keynote to use it to create presentations and/or … Read More

The Lawyer’s Tool Box: Video Demo of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 (with Service Pack 12.5) made with Camtasia Studio 8

We have previously presented a video demonstration of  Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 (“DNS”) on this site. This video demo has received over 10,000 views, so there is apparently great interest in the real world capabilities of of the DNS dictation software.  A service pack has been issued for DNS 12 (12.5). After installing the service pack, DNS seemed to have a higher accuracy … Read More

Big Law- Hard Truths and Hard Times for the Old Model

A sobering but well reasoned analysis:  revolutionary change is required, but hard to implement due to lawyer resistance. See also: And-’t-Be-Dewey-Dozen-Use-This-Checklist-to-Make-Sure-Your-Firm-Isn’t-Dewey.html Tweet … Read More

Prominent Lawyer Sanctioned $522,000 for Instructing Client to “Clean-Up” Facebook Account

Some attorneys are still learning the hard way that spoliation of social media evidence is just like the spoliation of any other evidence.  Exhibit A– prominent Virginia trial attorney Matthew Murray has been ordered to pay over $522,000 in sanctions for instructing his client to “clean up” his Facebook page.   See    The relevant orders are linked: facebook spoliation   Lester_v_Allied_Concrete_Final_Order … Read More

The Hytech Lawyer’s Policy on Product and Software Reviews

Increasingly, I am being provided complementary copies of software, applications or products with the expectation that I will review them on this blog. Indeed, one of the primary objectives of the blog is to highlight practice technology that works. So here are the rules. My general goal is to write positive reviews. In practice, this means that I actually write … Read More

Review of “Explain Everything”—Great iPad Presentation App for Lawyers

Originally designed for educators, “Explain Everything” is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you annotate, animate, and narrate explanations and presentations. You can also use Explain Everything as an interactive whiteboard using the iPad2 video display. Explain Everything records on-screen drawing, annotation, object movement and captures audio via the iPad microphone. Import Photos, PDF, PPT, and Keynote from Dropbox, Evernote, … Read More

Is the iPad a Fit for Your Law Practice?

The link below is to a comprehensive article exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the iPad for use by accountants.   The observations are equally applicable for lawyers assessing whether the iPad is an appropriate tool for their practice.  If you are on the fence about making the iPad one of your practice tools- this article is for you. … Read More

Video Mirroring on iPad 2

When iPad 1 was launched, Steve Jobs demonstrated its features using a specially designed WYSIWYG big screen display that projected for the audience exactly what was on the screen of the iPad that he was holding (“video mirroring”).  However, as I learned to my disappointment after I purchased an iPad, there was no such application commercailly available allowing for the WSIWYG … Read More

Welcome To Hytech Lawyer

Hytech Lawyer is dedicated to exploring technology solutions for the modern lawyer. The hope is that this blog will become an interactive forum for the review of new products and discussions about what works and does not work in the modern law practice. The initial focus is on tools for the busy litigator because that is my background, but I … Read More